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If I had just one small wish today, I wish that all DVDs had to include outtakes. You can’t convince me that something funny didn’t happen on the set of A History of Violence or The Hours or An Inconvenient Truth. C’mon. Something funny must have happened at least once. Ed Harris’ fake eye pops out or Virginia Woolf actually laughs or one of the slides of New York underwater is upside down. Come. On. Just ONCE.

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One Comment on “Special Features”

  1. Maria Ludkin
    July 29, 2006 at 11:06 am #

    Do you think the outtakes from the History of Violence could be any more interesting than the actual movie? Jesus, there I was ready for some hot Aragorn watching, but my lust for the man was actually overtaken by the fact that a film called the History of Violence was just so dull. History of Poor Management of a Ludicrously Overblown Screenplay would have been more accurate. Was that about four different movies stitched together? What small American town was that by the way, stalked by the most monstrous killers, yet the town budget only stretched to hiring Deputy Dawg as the local law enforcement. Hasn’t he ever heard of Google? That way he could have whistled up some retired assassin profiles with images in 2 minutes and saved me the other 120 wondering when it was all going to end.

    And call me old fashioned but if I suspected my husband was a hit man rather than a homely barista, I wouldn’t spend half my time banging him on the stairs and the other half moodily sulking around. One or the other love, one or the other. But that’s just me….

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