“I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!”*

Why is everyone so surprised that Mel Gibson is anti-Semitic? I didn’t have to read his remarks to the cop who pulled him over for drunk driving last weekend or even see The Passion of the Christ to believe it: I read the reviews (also here and here) and ran back through the stuff I know about his dad and thought, “Huh. Well. Anti-Semite. Figures.”

Mind you, I’m not glossing over anti-Semitism, I’ve just got bigger fish to fry. Like the skinheads and Austria. Mel’s further down the list. It’s like when Tom Cruise finally went around the bend: it’s hard to watch his movies without remembering that he’s blind crazy, I’m not asking him to dinner anytime soon and it ends there for now.

The uproar surrounding Gibson’s tirade seems as hollow and disingenuous to me as the surprise so much of the media expressed when it was confirmed that Saddam had no WMDs.

Let’s get shocked and awed by something that’s really shocking and awesome. Like this.

*Claude Raines, Casablanca

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