On the Road Again

torontoairport.jpg This is my trip so far. I have been away from home for some thirty-six hours. My luggage was left in Chicago and, while I was filling out lost baggage customes paperwork, the rental car office closed, leaving me with no baggage and nothing to carry it in. After a mild breakdown and narrowly evading the Canadian fruit police, I rented another car – a tiny, tiny expensive Matchbox car which I will call The Speck – and drove from Toronto to Buffalo in the middle of the night after a very long day. My father was still up and very sick. Having just had his hip resurfaced, he was already on crutches, so illness is a dangerous and inconvenient thing. I slept for a few hours and then he headed to the emergency room. A day of chasing luggage and tracking down doctors and buying back-up T-shirts and girlie underwear at the Gap with my seventeen-year-old stepbrother hovering at my elbow followed. He didn’t even blush, staunch boy. The hospital addmitted my father in the evening and my bag did arrive in Toronto as planned. Of course, instead of bringing it to me as promised, they put it on the next flight back to Chicago to be re-routed to Buffalo. ETA: 11:59PM. Excellent news on all fronts.

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