This Man Makes Me Happy

Italymoped.jpgOn her new design blog for The New York Times, former Dwell editor Allison Arieff writes about her design peeves and pleasures. This is one of her high points this week:

“Wandering through one of the city’s bountiful farmers’ markets, we came upon this fellow sharpening knives for customers on a stone-sharpening wheel powered by his moped engine (above right). His ingenuity is inspirational: he simultaneously performs a service, earns a living, exercises and socializes. And at the end of the day, he packs up his sharpener, stand and bag and scoots home…”

I want that job. I always imagine that people who work with their hands and produce something tangible – carpenters, landscapers, knife sharpeners on mopeds – live more satisfying, less neurotic lives. The bucolic fantasy or some such. I’ve always remembered an interview with Daniel Day Lewis, (back when we he wasn’t quite so frightening looking) where he said he wanted to be a cabinetmaker. It can’t be all it’s cracked up to be. Being stuck in your own head and being stuck out in a field probably aren’t that different when it comes right down to it. Same preoccupation, different topic. But I have always wanted a moped, so this guy’s definitely one up on me there.


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