DIY Linguistics

bigtop-sm.jpgI’ve been training on the trapeze for a couple of years. Doesn’t that sound awkward? “Training on the trapeze.” You can’t say “playing trapeze” as if it were soccer, baseball or Red Rover. You can’t say “trapezing” the way you say “dancing” or “pole vaulting.” I tried “doing circus” but that sounds wrong. And dirty, but not in a good way.

I suggested “to circus,” as in, “I just got back from circusing,” but then R asked, “As in, I just circused all over my shirt?” so I had to stop using that.

“Circused” was followed by “three-ringing” and “big-topping.” As in, “I was so three-ringin’ it last night,” and, “I totally big-topped on Saturday.” See? You have no idea what I mean. The truly great words are multi-purpose like that. See: f***.


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