Editorial of the Week

dowd_1.jpgMaureen Dowd has been getting on my nerves lately. I started reading her regularly a couple of years ago when she was coherent, but in the last six months (or maybe it’s a year – I don’t have a wall calendar where I keep track), her editorials have become disjointed. The paragraphs don’t flow from one another: the pieces read like sloppily constructed much longer rants that were edited down to fit the space allowed. Cramming a dozen caustic one-liners into a 600-word piece is a futile effort. None of them stand out and she sounds like, at worst, a jerk and, at best, a rotten editor.

That said, I usually agree with her and she does hit it sometimes. This week, she’s my choice for Editorial of the Week because of this line:

“Dick Cheney and his wormy aides, of course, are still babbling about total victory and completing the mission by raising the stakes and knocking off the mullahs in Tehran. His tombstone will probably say, “Here lies Dick Cheney, still winning.””

Read the full text of “Lost in the Desert” here.

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