Costa Rica: Back

Well, I’m back. And I forgot my towel. Can you believe it? After that last entry, I actually forgot to pack my towel. We had to buy towels in Costa Rica. They are so terrible, they will burn your eyes. They feature wildly offensive colors and warped fonts and fishes. Fortunately, they do not feature dolphins copulating in mid-air, as the wall hanging at our first hotel did. Small mercies, gratitude, etc..

I’m posting the trip notes on the dates to which they apply, so you can either read backwards or visit the December page, scroll to the bottom and read up. I know backdating is frowned upon and bad, but I can’t see how else to organize it and know that you will forgive me and have forgotten all about it when you come back in a few months to plan your own trip and want all the entries in some kind of order.

Enjoy the warm weather vicariously. I’ve only been back for a couple of days but I’m rapidly forgetting what early sunrises, warm ocean water and sandy beaches feel like. It is Christmas though, so I’m trying to amp up my bad weather reveling skills and get down with the rain/snow thing.


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