Post-Fire: The Eyes Have It

eye.jpgI’m back. Again. And hopefully for a while this time. I was home for all of nine days in December and nine in January. I’m hoping to push that number up in February. I knew I’d officially reached the end of my rope last week when I backed the car across my aunt’s lawn instead of down the driveway. Not a little way onto the lawn but pretty much across the entire lawn.

A brief family update. I took a red eye to Philadelphia two weeks ago to meet my aunt and cousin and drive seven hours north to Buffalo. The mission was to sort out Carlo’s immediate future and bring him back to Philadelphia to settle closer to New York where his stuff, his work, his friends and his health insurance network are.

After a couple of hectic days of schedule management, financial planning and packing, mission accomplished.

On the medical front, Carlo’s hands and vision have become the main foci. For three weeks, the ophthalmologist had delayed refracting his eyes only to pull up with some startling news two days before we re-located to Philly. It went something like this:

The assistant refracts Carlo’s eyes.
The doctor comes in.
The doctor looks at his eyes and says it’s still too soon to make a call on a prescription.
The doctor says, “There’s no rush though: your eyes are 20/40-ish, so good enough that you can drive.”

Let’s be clear here. Carlo has had glasses since he was about five years old. He’s been wildly nearsighted all his life. There is no way he could have driven without glasses before the fire.

What this boils down to is that all the corneal burns and swelling and fogging have essentially prompted his eyes to heal not only the damage from the fire but also the pre-existing astigmatism and near-sightedness. Amazing thing, the human body.


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One Comment on “Post-Fire: The Eyes Have It”

  1. Emily Serrell
    February 21, 2007 at 3:04 pm #

    We were indeed heartened to learn of Carlo’s superman-vision-turn-around… but perhaps the most rewarding portion of the trip was discovering we could get on my mobile phone. Neat.

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