Annoying events of the last 24 hours

glasses2.jpg1. The stupid plumber with his stupid tools chipped the enamel on our perfect bathroom sink. This is bad because the rest of the bathroom was NOT renovated before we moved in and I realized after the chipping incident that the only thing keeping us from having a ghetto bathroom, in all its turquoise tiled resplendence, was our bright, shiny sink.

2.I know I’m hopeless at math, but why do I have to pay $40 for a prescription whether they give me fifteen pills or thirty? This makes me hate my stupid, stupid new doctor even more than I already did even though it’s really the insurance company’s fault. Stupid doctor.

3. Law & Order dragged me in again. It and all its spawn are bad. Like crack bad. Or maybe some other drug I’ve never taken which is just desirable enough to make me take some but not good enough for it to have been worth my time. Stupid Tivo.

And finally, a word of caution: do not choose your new prescription sunglasses frames AFTER they dilate your eyes.

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