Frankfurt, Germany: Phony

There is a man who stands out in the Business Class lounge. He is wearing one of those square European suits and rimless glasses. He looks successful. This is not what makes him unique.

He is talking very quietly into the voice piece of his cell phone headset. I’m sitting ten feet away and I can’t hear what he’s saying. He’s been at it for almost two hours. It’s starting to get to me.

Is he just moving his lips, like a Braille phone? Or something. I don’t think they have Braille phones where you just whisper. They might though.

Is he a mobile phone sex operator? Do they have those? Like in those movies where the techie bad guy bounces “the signal” all over the world so it’s untraceable. I thought it was just “the signal” bouncing around, but maybe there’s really a guy and this is him.

Or maybe he’s just the one, single, only polite public-cell-phone-using guy on the planet. Could be. I think the phone sex thing is more likely though, don’t you?


Categories: My Day, News, Nuisance, Miscellany


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