Here’s my question of the day:

You know how you keep going back to that one bakery you love? That’s not the question – that’s the lead-in to the question. I’ll let you know when we get to the question. Back to your bakery. Think about that bakery. Think about their buttery croissants and their perfect cafe au lait. Now think back six months. You loved it then too, right? (Rhetorical question. Not actual question.) Now think ahead six months. Can you imagine not liking it then?

So here’s the question: is that the same way it is with, say, handbags? Or shirts? Or if you’d pre-ordered and, I’m guessing, frozen a six month’s supply of those croissants and you figured out a way to defrost them that didn’t make them gummy like the microwave does, would you still want those same ones? And if not, why not?

I know the answer. It’s not the same. But WHY NOT?? And don’t tell me fashions change. I’m not that girl (anymore) that’s shopping for a new bag every twenty minutes. Why, in six months, will I not want a brand new version of the same sleek black Kate Spade computer bag I have today? It’s sleek. And black. Why not?? Anyone?

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