Question of the Day

cabs.jpgHow do you honk at the guy in front of the guy in front of you?

Twice in the last two weeks I have been irritated at the car in front of the car in front of me. In New York, everyone behind that front car would be honking, creating a chorus of justified displeasure. I admit that the tenth cabbie in the line doesn’t know anything about what’s going on except that he’s not moving, but who cares? Not moving in New York is bad.

In San Francisco, no one honks except to be annoying. The justifiable honk is almost unknown. So when I honk as the second car up from me sits at a green light, the driver in front of me – who should also be honking but isn’t – glares at ME. Like I’m the one making the mistake. Where’s their sense of civic duty? The greater good? Come on people, get it together. We all have to live in this town.

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