Day 25

My co-workers are amazed. I can hardly believe it myself. People look at me with wide eyes and laugh nervously as I talk to them. I offer them Munchkins which I imported carefully back from the east coast. They smile and their hands move but when they leave somehow I have the same number of tiny round donuts in my orange and white Munchkin box as I had before. I sit in the back in meetings. I sip at my coffee, my water, my juice. I lean away. They lean away. We are all leaning away.

What is the source of our collective repellence? I’m sick. I am approaching the four-week mark. Jokes about pneumonia and child-bourne illnesses have been replaced with less funny jokes about SARS and consumption and asbestos in the newly active heating ducts above my office.

How can I still be coughing like this after four weeks? I keep myself up at night with the coughing. People can hear me coming. I am like a cat with a bell.

I pulled a muscle in my abdomen I was coughing so hard last week. This is not good. The last time I was this sick for this long was fifteen years ago and it ended with me having my tonsils out and being sedated for a week over my Christmas break.

I have no more tonsils and I categorically refuse to give them any other little bits of me on spec. Plus, I don’t want to be sedated. It’s coming up on Christmas time and I love me some Christmas, so sedation is off the table. I have Robitussin and Chussitussin (I kid you not, the name for Robitussin with codeine in it). I have Dayquil and Nyquil. I have Vitamin C and Airborne. I have aspirin and vitamins and a pile of other pills with vile names I will not repeat here.

This has got to stop sometime.

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2 Comments on “Day 25”

  1. ambrose
    November 29, 2007 at 7:21 pm #

    Is it possible you have Pertussis, aka Whooping Cough? It is increasingly common in adults these days because our vaccinations have worn off.

  2. Kerry
    November 29, 2007 at 10:49 pm #

    My co-worker brought back Dunkin Donuts and Munchkin from the east coast, no cold though. I thought she was insane because why in the world would someone bring donuts and donut holes back from the east coast. I stand corrected; it’s more common then I thought. I guess on my next trip home, it’s Munchkins for all my friends in SF.

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