Last weekend at a party, the hosts had games and prizes. On the record, I will complain about this but it is a very practical way to get people mingling and also, most important, an excellent way to get prizes, which I love.

This was one of my prizes. It’s cell phone bling that you can glue onto your phone. Pink and silver bling in the shape of a heart for my brand new Blackberry Pearl. I know you think that sounds pretty good, but that’s not the best part. The best part was when I asked a well-spoken, mild-mannered friend of mine what YFL stands for (see upper left corner brand marking) and she said, “You Fucking Loser.”

Now that’s a snappy comeback.

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One Comment on “Bling”

  1. January 16, 2008 at 2:56 am #

    I once saw a pink case for my phone, completely covered in those little jewel type things on ebay. I nearly bought it, to embrace my inner chav, and then I realise that if anyone ever saw it, they’d immediately lynch me. 😀

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