Modern Times

My new phone is super-sleek but we’ll leave that be for now because I have terrible phone karma and I don’t want to jinx it.

Anyway, new phone = new headset. Or, I should say, “an headset” since I didn’t use one with my old phone because it didn’t have Bluetooth and I wasn’t gonna be the idiot on the bus using a “hands-free” headset that required me to use a, um, hand to hold up the microphone to my mouth.

Also, since I donated my car, when I drive it’s in an unfamiliar Zipcar or in R’s manual Toyota, so I pose a very real hazard without a headset. So you see, I need a cool headset to go with my cool phone.

I just wanted to make sure I’d convinced you before I moved on.

At any rate, I borrowed R’s headset today and, in under half an hour, this is what drove by me and my headset:

– A fire engine (sirens on)
– 10-12 buses
– A cement truck
– Some sort of truck / crane thing with a constantly beeping horn
– An ambulance (sirens on)
– A tank-sized SUV with car alarm rolling (twice)

That phone karma’s a bitch.

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2 Comments on “Modern Times”

  1. Em
    January 20, 2008 at 9:28 pm #

    I revisted your blog after a computer hiatus of sorts and noticed a comment by Yuta. I believe I had left a comment on a previous post, yet it is not to be found on your comments list. Are my remarks not pithy enough? Or, are they not congratulatory, a la Yuta, and therefore exiled into the abyss? Kudos on the Mamet thing, though, it’s rather something to be chuffed about I’d say.

    • Emma
      February 16, 2008 at 10:54 am #

      Yeah, sorry about that: I’m getting nailed with spam, so, until I upgrade my software, I have to sift through all the submitted comments and approve the non-spam. The ratio’s running about 150 spam / 1 actual comment, so sometimes it’s a bit much!! I’m trying to get better about doing it every day:) Love hearing from you and thanks for your patience!

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