The iLap

I asked for an iLap for Christmas. It’s possible I didn’t get one because I referred to it as The Lapinator. Which is not what it’s called. But it should be.

Anyway, the week after Christmas I ordered one for myself because I could not imagine living one more day without one. (I am very susceptible to marketing. I prefer to characterize this as “charming” rather than “gullible” and I hope you will join me.)

The iLap(inator) is all I hoped it would be. Its brushed aluminum makes the lazy circumstances under which I use it seem a little less uncool. It tilts my laptop towards me at a typing-friendly angle. And, most essentially, it magically protects my lap from my toasty laptop. This is why I got it in the first place. I can only stand about an hour of laptime before I get super-heated. The iLap(inator) is the crazy simple solution to this problem. Hooray. Seriously hooray.

The only negative I have to report is that either the round pad on the front has an unstable design, or I am mechanically challenged / blind. Even though the latter is quite likely true, I’m settling on the former for now. I’ll keep you posted if I sort it out one way or the other. In any event, this “defect” does not materially diminish the excellence of the iLap(inator). You should definitely run out and get one. Or, more in keeping with the whole product, lie down and order one online.

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