Recent Events

Where have I been? You decide.

  1. I went to Tibet as a journalist but was expelled, so now I’m back.
  2. I went to Zimbabwe to write about the elections for the New York Times and am now writing from jail.*
  3. I got an unofficial promotion at work, have been having a productive but overwhelming month   in my head and got a…wait for it…wait for it…YES! I got a Mac Air for my birthday.
If you guessed #3, I am disappointed that you do not think of me as a globetrotting journalist but you would be correct (both in that I am not a globetrotting journalist and in that #3 is correct. Just to be clear).
The Mac Air has nothing to do with anything except that I am excited. Which is not taking time away from blogging, so I could have skipped mentioning it at all. But why would I do that? I got an Air. It is all it’s cracked up to be. I love it like it is a human baby.
I also got new business cards this month. And by “new” I mean, the cards themselves are new (as opposed to recycled) and they are the first ones I’ve had in eight years. I love them like another, also very lightweight baby.

*I like this coverage in particular because the headline puts single quotes around ‘New York Times’. They do not believe the guy is from the Times…but the use of single and not double quotes kind of hedges their bets. 

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