A Man Called Joe

Every time I hear Joe Biden’s name or I see his face, I turn to R and say, “I like Joe Biden.”

He pats my hand patiently and gives me that sweet patronizing smile as if my mind has turned slightly moldy and says, “I know.”

I say this every single time. It’s got to be getting old, but I can’t stop myself. I like a man who makes impolitic remarks and has a grip on foreign policy.

I could live without the haircut though. The haircut is definitely odd from the side.

Categories: News, Nuisance, Miscellany


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One Comment on “A Man Called Joe”

  1. em
    September 24, 2008 at 8:18 pm #

    While he is quite the charmer, I find myself in a bit of a bother over his frequent “Bushisms”. Such as his recent account of Roosevelt’s televised response to the stock market crash of ’29.

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