Three Questions on the 1st Presidential Debate

1. In its coverage, the New York Times said, “Over all, Mr. McCain was more charming and more colloquial, but his speaking style was at times choppy. He described North Korea as the most “repressive and brutal regime probably on earth,” adding: ‘The average South Korean is three inches taller than the average North Korean. A huge gulag.'”

  • Does the New York Times not know that “overall” is one word and not two?
  • Did the Times think that the North Korean/repressive remark was an example of charming, colloquial or choppy?
  • If the answer to the above is “choppy”, was a pun intended re: three inches taller remark?
  • Was McCain making a joke by connecting those two notes, and, if so, why didn’t he laugh? And if not, what the f???

2. Did anyone else notice that right after the debate Joe Biden was there taking questions from Brian Williams but Sarah Palin “declined” the invitation? Related, will this woman ever answer a question live? Related, is she actually live or is she just a construct of the far right?

3. Can Obama be my dad? Related, can someone who is only ten years older than you be your dad?

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