Conference Notes

I went to a two-day conference earlier this week. Here’s what I learned:

  1. I do not trust grown men who wear red suspenders to business events.
  2. If unguided, a certain type of person will offer his personal experience up to the group, regardless of its relevance to the topic at hand or whether that experience is of any interest or use to the other people in the room. My aunt taught second grade forever and she refers to this behavior as the “I Saw a Bird Once” principle. Here’s how it goes.

    She reads aloud from a book to a group of kids: “Suzy is walking to Tommy’s house. It is a nice day. The birds are singing…”
    A hand goes up.
    “Mrs. Serrell?”
    “Yes, Gordon?”
    “I saw a bird once.”

  3. This behavior seems to be more pronounced among a sub-species of developers, whose social skills seem to mirror those of second graders although they often have 200 lbs. and/or significantly less hair (on the top of their heads anyway) than their seven-year-old counterparts.
  4. I like Rice Krispies treats.

It wasn’t the best use of two days.

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One Comment on “Conference Notes”

  1. Emily
    October 20, 2008 at 9:53 pm #

    You forgot the next comment from another student… “There was a bird in my driveway this morning…”

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