Everyone stay calm

keepcalm.jpgI locked myself out of the car. It just wasn’t that exciting. I have to admit, I’m vaguely disappointed. I’ve regularly thought about locking myself out of my car and it has always been a dire circumstance in my mind, a subject of some trepedation and possible disaster, something which I should plan to avoid by strategically hiding keys at work, outside the building, possibly under the car itself. In my imaginings, it’s usually dark, help is out of reach and I am being chased by something, possibly a rapist or, at least, a rabid animal of some sort. Maybe a squirrel. Not that the squirrel would wait while I retrieved my spare key.

I see now that that was just glamorization of what, it must be said, was a very boring event. It wasn’t particularly infuriating, as annoying things go. In fact, I would even venture to recommend the experience to someone looking for a moderate irritant.

It doesn’t make for a good story. You don’t look like a full-blown idiot, just temporarily foolish, possibly even endearingly so.

So why am I telling you about it? Because it just goes to show that all that time you spend imagining and worrying about unlikely events is not time well-spent. Not that you didn’t know that already. But it’s just a friendly reminder from me to you that most things are really going to be OK.

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