Relieved? No, terrible. Odd.

sigur.ros.glosoli.jpgWhen I tell people I resigned last week, responses range from, “Hooray!” (an inexplicably supportive stranger we met at a bar, R’s family), to, “Are you relieved?” (co-workers). I appreciate the former but the answer to the latter is a resounding, “No.”

I know. Surprising, right? This sucks.

I mean, I get why. Even changes for the better can feel terrible. Risk is stressful, even if it’s a worthy risk willingly taken.

Still. It’s rough to work your way up to the edge of the cliff, pretend it doesn’t feel like it’s the edge of the world, leap… and then feel like you’re falling. I thought the deal was that it only felt like you were jumping off a cliff until you actually jumped. At which point you’d realize it only felt like a cliff but wasn’t. Well, this surely feels like a cliff ’cause it definitely feels like falling.


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