Recession Rec

This guy does not look British or like the kind of guy I’d buy suits from (British ones or otherwise), but that doesn’t affect how much I love his recession plan. Completely rational. My two-pronged plan of simultaneously being very nervous and ignoring it completely hasn’t been working very well for me.

What else do I love? The word “bespoke.” (You have to read the article to get the connection. You can trust me that it’s in there though if you don’t feel like reading the article. Really. Can you be “bespoken”? Like, “I was bespoken but then he interrupted me”? Never mind.)

How do you deal with people’s lack of disposable income?

I’ve got my own little recession plan–everyone needs to make an evaluation of the three little shops that they like, and they need to spend in them. That’s something I’m personally doing. I go to the little restaurants I like, the place I get my glasses. Even though the spirit of the city is shot, if there are things in your neighborhood that you don’t want to see go away, then you have to support them. Otherwise, the big brands will just come sweeping in, and there’ll be nothing left.

I’m going to make a little list of my candidate businesses…. I’ll be right back.

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