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Here’s what you should do today. It’s a little “help the planet” plan that will also mean kicking high maintenance water to the curb. And it doesn’t involve hemp or Al Gore or wiccan rituals or weaving anything.

Get yourself some polished Japanese charcoal briquettes to replace your Brita water filter.

See? Easy.

As long as you can find the briquettes that is, which might take some legwork.

If you need some convincing (and I have to say that that hurts me a little bit – I thought we knew each other and you trusted me by now…), here’s why:

  1. Brita tastes funny. Compared to tap water, maybe it tastes better, but it’s still not the tasteless water you’re looking for. Charcoal filtered water tastes like nothing.
  2. It’s waaaay cheaper than Brita. I pay $5 for four briquettes, each of which lasts for about four months. You pay $6 each for Brita replacement filters.
  3. You don’t need no stinkin’ pitcher. Put your little briquette in a multi-colored bucket for all it cares.

In San Francisco, you can pick up a four-pack at Boulettes Larder in the Ferry Building. If you want to really invest and can’t part with your pitcher habit, you can support Design Within Reach and get theirs. I’m going to do some checking around for you to see if Whole Foods or someplace national carries it as well. (If you want to order from Boulettes Larder, you can go here, but be warned: it’s fax-based.)

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