I know it’s not nice to take pleasure in the failures of others (idea here, failure here), but what if the other we’re talking about was a huge jerk? Doesn’t that make it a little bit OK? Or less not OK at least?

Yes, I know, I should be a bigger person than that but until I am, can I just for a small moment enjoy the fact that his rich-kid, capitalist idea fell flat on its face because he was a terrible friend? Not that that second thing is a result of the first thing. I’m not all born-again, hand of revenging God, etc.. But the part of him that had the vacuous business idea might be the same part of him that sucked when we were friends, right? RIGHT?? Yes. It might. Thank you.

So now that that part of him’s gotten the smackdown, I’m going to say that we’re even. I’m sure he’ll be pleased to be out from under the tiny hammer that was lying in wait for him in my memory of his being rotten to me.

Now let’s move on. Tea, anyone?

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