Things Updated

I sought cookies. I got tea. As a result, as predicted, things looked up. (Getting hopped up on sugar and caffeine never hurts the effort.)

I’ve never noticed before but Levain is across the street (74th at Amsterdam) from an elementary school. Depending on who you are, that is either a huge mistake (parents) or a wily marketing maneuver (Levain).

I only ate a small piece of my half-pound, warm chocolate chip and walnut cookie with my tea, but I took the point. There’s comfort in cookies at teatime; don’t hold back on the basics when you’re feeling low.

The tea, in case you’re interested, was procured from another comforting institution, Alice’s Tea Cup (73rd at Columbus), and is called Margaret’s Hope, named after Princess Margaret. When I chose it (on their recommendation), I kind of thought that the tea might take after one of Margaret’s actual hopes and be something sinister (death to the monarchy) or naughty (sex with animals), given her history of royal misbehavior, but it was just a very nice cup of gentle black tea. Oh well.

Tea was followed by minor shopping (scarf, a few books) and the theater (more on Exit the King later). All in all, a successful recovery. Thanks for asking.

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One Comment on “Things Updated”

  1. Nick
    May 8, 2009 at 10:22 am #

    I think I see what some of what your current issue is in this post – or should I be more specific and say: Nick thinks he sees what part of your issue is in this post.
    Here’s to better days.

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