Not Quite There


Me: Not gonna work.
R: Satisficing though.
Me: Hold the phone.
R: Yup.
Me: Satisfice?
R: Yup.

OK. So it turns out the people at R’s work use this word. Now generally I’m against made-up words, especially when business people who can’t form a complete sentence are the ones making them up. You have to get good at playing within the rules before you can start making up new ones, that’s my rule.

It’s like Stratego.

Sorry, you didn’t know that once you beat your brother 65 times you can start making up new rules? Well, you can. Check the rulebook. It’s written in pencil. On the back page. Of the 1981 edition. In my copy only.

Anyway, it turns out “satisfice” is a compilation of “satisfy” and “suffice”. Not quite satisfying but just across the border of sufficient. Brilliant.

Like if it were a Mother’s Day and you tried out your new waffle iron. It would be good that you had your future in-laws over for brunch (sufficient) but not quite satisfying in that you’ve forgotten how to make waffles that don’t taste like bland cake (not satisfying). Hence, satisficed.

Not that I’m talking about myself. My waffles are fine, thank you very much.

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