For the record


The over-examined life may not be worth living either. It’s very irritating, all that examination.

You know when something’s bothering you but you can’t figure out what it is but you know it’s there because you’re irritated all the time and you’ve got a really short fuse? That’s where I am.

There’s a splinter in my subconscious that just won’t come to the surface and while it’s stuck there, it’s making everything I do feel pointless. Because there’s a splinter driving into the base of my brain. Which is very distracting.

Being me, of course I’ve gone and gotten the tweezers because I’m not a waiting kind of a girl, but that’s not doing any good either. I’m just making a mess and freaking myself out.

If you know what’s bothering me, could you send me a note and let me know? That would be great. Thanks.

Categories: News, Nuisance, Miscellany


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One Comment on “For the record”

  1. Em
    May 19, 2009 at 12:46 pm #

    Must be the swine flu

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