Lego Love

When I was a kid, we had a huge basket of Legos. Ours were in primary colors only and none of them had moving parts. No winches or wheels or people. No curves or corners. Your basic 90-degree building blocks, period.

In keeping with the no TV rule and the all-natural peanut butter policy, our parents weren’t going to upgrade us to the Star Wars pack or the garage set or any of that other super-fun nonsense. We could damn well learn to build with plain-colored bricks the way God intended.

A new age is dawning, though. In the not too distant future, I will be sitting right up close to my big, flat-screen TV, ruining my eyesight, eating Jif out of the jar and building Falling Water out of my new taupe-colored Frank Lloyd Wright Lego set (150-page instructional booklet hopefully included). (Details here.)

I’m glad Falling Water and peanut butter are approximately the same color. That should make some of those tricky cantilevers a little easier to manage.

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