Slowly But Surely

me_a.jpgAll right, all right, yes: I’m back. A. is nearly seven weeks old – a shocking development – and I’m back. I know in this day and age I shouldn’t have been gone this long, but there it is. New motherhood and lots of visitors are my excuse. I read Andrew Sullivan‘s utterly unhelpful remark that, “A blog is a a broadcast, not a publication. If it stops moving, it dies,” somewhere a few weeks back and had a pang of (intended, I’m sure) guilt, but there’s nothing like a good-tempered adorable baby to make you forget all about Andrew Sullivan.

I admire the bloggers who send updates from their delivery rooms at the hospital and get back on track with their work immediately, but, alas, I was not destined to be one of them apparently. Aran over at Cannelle et Vanille makes me nearly ill with her level of post-baby productivity. I had take-out sushi and donuts my first week home, thank you very much, not Sweet Potato, Yogurt and Hazelnut Cakes that she #$&#$! made the next week.

To our credit A. does already have a.) her own email address, and b.) her own web site, although we’re keeping both to ourselves and relatives for now to protect her tiny privacy. No Twitter account as yet – I’m leaving that to Tilo, Swiss Miss’ little man. For now, I can barely manage to update my own Twitter, Facebook and blog pages, let alone managing A’s.

That said, I’m coming back online slowly but surely. A. is sleeping in four-hour stretches now (although only one of those falls overnight as yet, sadly) so things are getting slightly more predictable and my mind is clearing out of its emergency alert mode.

Thank you all for your well wishes, kind comments and gifts. We’re doing well and love our new roommate.


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