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Kitchen: What?

Chuck Williams, the 94-year-old founder of Williams Sonoma, was asked by a magazine a couple of years ago what the one thing was that every kitchen should have. Cuisinart food processor? $300 KitchenAid mixer? Sabatier knives? Nope. He went with…


I have left the building (almost)

The countdown to departure from my job has begun in earnest. On Thursday evening the light at the end of the tunnel flared enough so I could see it. I think it was because my computer's hard drive was thrown…

Retail Turnaround

Last week, I talked to a staff member of my former employer‘s and discovered that yes, they are still mired in the past. This was a tiny relief. It was like a gratifying/slightly depressing run-in with an ex-boyfriend – he’s super-pumped to go to Burning Man! he’s still got four roommates! –┬áthat validated my decision […]

Merry Christmas To Me

I found it. It's my Christmas present AND the most ridiculous thing the Williams-Sonoma, Inc., family has offered for sale since the Electric Vacuum Marinator. It might even be more ridiculous than the marinator because it costs $5000. Five. Thousand….

Money to Burn

My former employer is on a roll this year producing products that strain the boundaries of their Things No One Really Needs (…Except Maybe If You Have Too Much Time On Your Hands and Lots of Disposable Income) category. They've…

Julia Child

When I was small, Julia Child was still on television in The French Chef and, even though I never had an Easy Bake Oven or any interest in cooking – except for that one time I melted chocolate chips over…

What I’m Glad I Bought

Due to my (former) employment by a leading purveyor of overpriced, high-end cookware and related tools, our kitchen is stocked with tools that no couple with our skills has any business having… What did I buy on my way out that I do not regret and will not be returning?

Kitchen Update II

In other news, everyone should have a Pineapple Easy Slicer. If you are a pineapple fan, you will love this thing: it cores, cuts rings and slices off the outside prickly bits, all at once. If you are not a…

Paris: Totally Subjective and Incomplete List

Some friends of mine were in Paris in the fall – both for the first time – and I put together a list of things to do / things not to do on a first pass through the French capital….


One of the web sites I work on re-launched tonight. It looks great. However, if you go to the recipes section and search on "babies" twenty-four results are returned. Hmmm. That's not good….