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Top Three


My friends Lyndsey and Mike were in Amsterdam last fall. Waiting for a clerk at the hotel desk, they overheard a guest talking to the concierge.

Tourist: Where can I get weed?
Concierge: This area here [points on a map] has a concentration of cafes.
Tourist: And the red light district?
Concierge: Here [points again].
Tourist: And the other one?
Concierge: Here [points].

What is “the other one”? Besides pot and prostitution, what is so unique to Amsterdam that it needs only an exophora? Tulips?

Mike says he doesn’t want to know, that he prefers some mystery in the universe.

It must be tulips. Or meth. Or clogs. Or those cheese sandwiches they serve at bars that are extra tasty. Probably tulips though.