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More dancin’

First there was the T-Mobile dance in Liverpool, and now there’s the Sound of Music in Antwerp.

(I think they’re all so happy because I got engaged in Belgium. That must be it.)

Have a happy day!

News Bulletin


So what’s been going on? What’s with the chaos?

All right, I give (under your imaginary pressure and questioning): we’re engaged!

While we were in Belgium in November, R asked me to marry him. I didn’t mean to tip you off with the, “We’re engaged,” comment, but I said, “Yes.” Well, what I actually said was, “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me,” which R tells me was not reassuring.

It was in an ivy garden at night behind the Church of Our Lady in Bruges and really could hardly have been more lovely and romantic. We’re very excited and, no, we haven’t made any wedding plans yet.

Those photos of me running are not me running away (as some have suggested). I was just taking a quick lap to let off some steam. They shouldn’t leave convenient paths lying around if they don’t mean for you to use them.