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Marc Johns has a book!

I am not one of those people who is able to be happy for other people’s success just because they succeeded. I just can’t do it.

Here’s why:

  1. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inside Basketball.
  2. Gwyneth Paltrow winning an Oscar just for being her rich, blonde self in Shakespeare in Love the same year that Cate Blanchett was up for Elizabeth I. (I know I should be over this by now. I’m not.)
  3. Bob Saget being paid for doing anything whatsoever ever.
  4. Pol Pot.

However, I am totally over-excited about some people being successful, and one of them is Marc Johns. We love Marc Johns. He has a book coming out May 1st and you should get it. I am counting the days until my copy arrives.

Happy Birthday!

I can’t stand Bob Saget. Remember him? Creepy? Fake? Yeah, him.

A couple years ago, someone pointed me to OKCupid.com. I can’t remember why. The site forced me to register to get where I was going. I did. I chose the user name “Robert Saget” as a mark of my disdain for their forcing practices.

Now, every March 19th, I get an email from OKCupid saying, “Happy Birthday, RobertSaget!”

That is awesome. Happy birthday indeed.