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My birthday’s coming up…

chair-weird.jpgHere’s what I want. Start looking around.

1. I want all my food served to me on a cake stand.

2. I want a new desk chair. Specifically, this one. Doesn’t it look like just the right kind of launch pad for the next step? Or a pod in which I can roll through the next step? It would be a tiny bit better if it had a clear plastic pod cover on the front though.

3. I want any one of these snow globes in my life. Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz make them and I’m sure they cost an arm and a leg, but how lovely are they? And snowy. Which I miss, living in silly California.

4. I have latched onto this rose gold Chan Luu necklace that is not me at all, but which I covet anyway.

5. Sex Panther. The cologne. You know, for the wedding. All right – never mind: the T-shirt will do. I’ll wear it with my classy Chan Luu necklace.

6. The Thing. Need I say more? Who doesn’t need The Thing? You know what I’m talking about – the thing from that place where we went that one time. Yeah, now you remember, don’t you? The Thing. Riiiight. That Thing. The one where they send you a Thing every quarter, made by an artist of some sort. That wasn’t The Thing you were thinking of, was it?