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It’s been a rush of holiday prep around here lately, punctuated by feeding my seasonal addiction to Starbucks’ gingerbread lattes (light whip, no nutmeg – yes, I am that person in line in front of you with a lot written on her red cup, thank you very much, it’s only this time of the year, so back on up off-a me, ah-right?)

Today I dashed off to collect my liquid fix while R. got A. and her stroller into the car to go home.

Me: I got lucky! No wait. This whole herd of teenagers came in just after me.
R: Is that the right word? Herd?
Me: Like a gaggle? “An annoy of teenagers?”
R: Like “a murder of crows.”
Me: Yeah.
R: “A punishment of teenagers.”
Me: Yeah, that’s it.



R has not seen The Shadow, that terrible, terrible Alec Baldwin movie from 1994 so I watched it with him last weekend.

When Lamont Cranston (worst alter-ego name ever) dresses up as the Shadow, he wears a big flamenco hat and a bandana over his lower face.

Me: That is not Alec Baldwin.
R: Yeah it is.
Me: That is not Alec Baldwin’s nose. It’s huge.
R: The Shadow Nose!
Me: That’s not how that’s spelled.

What to Say: Homebound Senior

I’ve just started working with an organization that pairs younger mobile people with homebound seniors. The youngers visit the olders in their homes. Easy enough.

But then I have to think of things to say to a stranger.

Me: Hello.
Older: Good morning.
Me: ….
Older (calls organization): I would like to return my current person and get a different person.

Let me try again.

Me: Good morning.
Older: Good morning.
Me: How’s tricks?
Older: Not good.
Me: Yahtzee anyone?
Me: Boggle?
Older: Can I get some help in here?

This is going to go great.