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One Thing I Need


A tiny deer with a giant chocolate cupcake. Together. With me. All the time.

I had a tiny plastic fawn that I carried with me everywhere when I was in kindergarten. It was so small, it was in constant danger of being lost, so I got some string – about four feet of it – and made a leash. That turned out to be impractical, since elementary school hallways are non-optimal walking grounds for tiny wildlife. The leash snagged on things. No one understood the love of a girl for her pet. So I took to wrapping the leash around the fawn and returning her to the safety of my pocket. Since she was no longer tiny, wrapped in four feet of string, she had become much less losable. Problem solved.

If you need your own security fawn, you can get a picture of the deer + cupcake, among other things, from Elizabeth Soule here.

Daily Candy

dailycandy.gifDaily Candy, the daily email promoting something chic, sometimes cool and usually overpriced, has finally lost it.

Get With the Programmer“? It’s a competition for the hottest programmer. Seriously. Not that programmers can’t be hot, but really? This is all you’ve got to promote? Why not just do a calendar and start selling commemorative plates? I guess they’ve finally run out of boutique cupcake shops and homemade $400 earrings to push. Which might be a good thing, come to think of it. Weird is a more interesting vibe than spoiled. All right, yeah, maybe I’m with you after all, Daily Candy. Go out there and find some strange! Send it all over the country! Flex your power! Booyah!!