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And another thing…


If you’re going to have an esplanade, you should be required to fill it up with people, at least periodically. No having esplanades and letting them sit. (I’m talking to you, St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral, right smack in the middle of San Francisco, with your big, flat, gray space.) That’s just open concrete. With no people. And that’s not friendly.

You should have planted trees if you weren’t going to have parties. So have a party already. Invite some friends. Or have a prom. Or a motorcycle rally. Or a circus. I know you’re all worked up about the pedophilia and the mean new pope, but live a little. Get out and do some jazzercise on your esplanade. You can wear your robes if you want. Glittery jumpsuits would be more festive, but whatever.

If I had an esplanade, I’d definitely get a jumpsuit and a trampoline and have at it.