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Once more into the breach

NABLOPOMO. Again. Bring it.


headband.jpgNational Blog Posting Month is coming up in November, so get your #2 pencils ready! Eden at Fussy.org came up with the idea last year in response to National Novel Writing Month. The premise is simple: post once a day for an entire month, weekends included. I made it through successfully last year and it was excellent except for the half dozen nights when I leapt out of bed at 11:45PM in a panic because I forgot to post. It’s like going to the gym for your blog! Join the fun: details here.

Because this has been a tough year and my blog posting has been correspondingly erratic, I’m going to make a heroic commitment and post every day for SIX weeks, not four. How you like them apples?? Today’s the 15th, so this is the first day of the rest of my blog. A post a day until November 30th, including Halloween, Thanksgiving and a couple of trips in there somewhere. Aw yeah…