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  • I’ve been recklessly optimistic recently with my change in career (corporate to not-corporate) and now my optimism is floating around in a pool of optimism over at The Optimist Conspectus. Read here. Yay optimism!
  • I love My NYC’s photos. Make me homesick. I wish San Francisco had some edgy attitude to bring to the table. And, “Bring me my vegan muffin!” doesn’t count.
  • Marc Johns has a new piece up about lightswitches and traffic lights. I’d love to have a little room of Marc’s stuff that I could play in when I’m feeling distracted or low.
  • If your Twitter herd has gotten a little dull, check out Favrd and re-acquire your enthusiasm for the medium. They list the tweets most commonly tagged as favorites. (“I’ve decided start watching “Lost.” Can someone catch me up? There was a plane crash, right?”) Simple. Elegant. And a reminder of why Twitter is excellente, mis amigos.