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I lived near Philadelphia for five years and I can’t say it’s my favorite city. Apparently, I’m not alone: Travel & Leisure readers recently voted its inhabitants the least attractive of all US cities. Although, to be fair, there is presumably a difference between ‘least attractive’ and ‘most unattractive’ (as pointed out here).

However, long exposure convinced me that it’s not just the lush suburbs that Philly has to offer, so we’re going for Thanksgiving week – me, my cough and R (who, I kid you not, just flew back from Philly this morning) – to visit my family and some of the most attractive features of the City of Brotherly Love. (In the original Latin, it reads, “Caritas fraternitatis maneat in vobis,” which I believe translates literally to, “Brotherly carrots men eat in vobis.” Whatever ‘vobis’ means…I might go with ‘a lot’ if pressed.) Those features include the Rodin Museum and The Barnes Foundation if we can scam our way in through local connections. Also, Reading Terminal Market for snackies and stuffings. And a trip to 30th Street Station to visit my angel (see photo).

Not a bad week. Not bad at all.