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Independence Day

My friend Lucie is British, married to Marc, an American, and mother to Ethan, age one.

Me: What are you doing for the Fourth?
Lucie: I don’t know. Dressing Ethan in the Union Jack and sending him out to have at it with Marc.
Me: Sounds uneven.
Lucie: If someone French comes by to help, that’d be fine.

Evil Genius

9PM, our living room

Me: Dammit! I forgot to have dinner!
R: “Foiled by myself again!”

Quote of the Week

I know it’s only Monday, but it’s good to stay ahead of things, right?

“I have never believed that everything happens for a reason. But I do feel very strongly that everything happens so that it can be turned into a column.”

– Gail Collins in her 11/19 column for http://www.nytimes.com/