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Things have gone sideways, as they do sometimes when you’re on the road. I’m alone in New York in the rain, R having gone to Boston for meetings, and the day went pear-shaped a few hours back.

I remember someone saying to me, when I first moved here, that if you were up, New York was there for you, up with you, ready to take you up-er, but if you were down, New York was the worst.

It’s not quite as bad as all that.

The worst, I mean.

There are, after all, Levain‘s chocolate chip walnut cookies some 60 blocks north if I were really motivated to help myself. Or the Cooper Hewitt (design museum) if I could conceive of getting all the way uptown and all the way crosstown from where I am now. (Or if I could get worked up for their felt exhibit, which, to me, seems like a tough sell on even a sunny day.)

I’m not sure San Francisco would be much better, but there would be tea in the cupboard and my very own sofa to mope on. But no Levain cookies in my immediate future. Maybe I should just go get some cookies and see how I do after that. And some tea. Everything seems less dreary with tea, don’t you find?

Wish me luck.