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New OK Go video: White Knuckles

New! Improved! Now with dogs!

Marcel with the Shoes On

MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.

World’s Most Alienating Airport

Prague’s Franz Kafka International Named World’s Most Alienating Airport

No big surprise there. Also: most irritating read for teen girls in AP English.


I’m not a fan of house cats but, inexplicably, I love large cats. Come on, look at those cheetah cubs! This looks pretty cat-centric though, so if you just adore zebras, wildebeests and other kitty prey, I’d avoid it.

I’m going to get in line at the movie theater now. It comes out in 2011, so if you could swing by with some snacks and a fresh sleeping bag for me every few weeks, that’d be great. Thanks.

New Yorkers are Excellent

I’m going home later this week. Maybe I can get a ride…

Neutra vs. Gaga

(Thank you, swissmiss)


I know. It’s a kitten, it’s YouTube, and I’m not eleven years old, but this is adorable. Happy Tuesday!



Last night, I got to go to an improv class with ten friends and it brought back memories of that Drew Carey show Whose Line Is It Anyway? that R introduced me to when we met. (Well, not “when we met” but sometime after I’d already fallen for him. Headlining with, “I’m into improv!” gets about as many girls as announcing you’re a mime.) I’d always clicked past the show because the set looked too much like cringe-worthy ’80s comedy clubs, but I got hooked after seeing a few episodes. Stephen Colbert passed through there, as did Greg Proops, Eddie Izzard, Jerry Springer, Robin Williams, and, er, Lassie.

Dynamic Duo: Shatner and Palin


I’m not a fan of Star Trek or Conan, but this seems like a more appropriate forum for Sarah Palin’s bizarre resignation speech than her front lawn.