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Hello! I’m Emma Carlson. I live in in San Francisco with my amazing partner and our lovely daughter. I’ve been here for ages now but just can’t quite adjust: I’m an unrepentant New Yorker and born-and-bred east coaster. Plus, it’s weird here.

And by “here”, I mean San Francisco. Also adulthood. And parenthood. And, while we’re talking, what’s going on the honeybees? Yeah, this whole “world around me” thing is odd and awesome. Which is what I write about: Displaced chronicles my transition from the east to the west coast, from “couple” to “with kid,” and from corporate denizen to full-time writer and mother, among other peculiarities. (I started writing here in 2004, so there’s been a lot to cover.)

Where I come from: Boston, New York, and the east coast with a stretch in Switzerland thrown in for good measure.

And before I did what I do now, I worked in magazine publishing in New York back when people made money doing that, then as an executive editor for a web site for teen girls, and then jumped to full-on strategic e-commerce consultant, leading design and development teams to build, launch, market and maintain high-traffic e-commerce and relationship management web sites. My specialty: producing and managing content for the web (naturally).

I also post over at Minimalista Mama, a resource to help new and expectant parents cut through the insanity and trim down that list of “YOU HAVE TO BUY THESE 1000 THINGS RIGHT NOW OH MY GOD!”

To get us started…

…here are some movies you should probably have seen in order to talk to me (and, yes, I know these are all from, you know, not last year – where’s the fun in it if you’ve totally already seen them all accidentally?)

  1. The Imposters
  2. The Grass Is Greener
  3. Happy, Texas
  4. Anchorman
  5. Patton Oswalt: No Reason to Complain
  6. State and Main
  7. Dodgeball
  8. Best In Show
  9. French Kiss

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