The dental trauma has left me a bit shaken. Hence, a little boy and his penguin is just what the (other, non-medical) doctor ordered. Although $300 might be a little steep to get this print for my very own.

I’d definitely pay $300 to get the actual boy and the penguin though, if they’re on offer. Which they probably aren’t. Housing a wild animal within city limits, even if it could roam about on the deck and I got it an iceberg, is, I’m betting, illegal. As would be buying a child, I assume. Although, in the book, the boy does appear to live alone. Which seems irresponsible on the part of his original parents and the state.

Maybe he emancipated himself after the success of the books. In which case, he could choose to come and live with us and no one could stop him. I’m sure we could figure out a way around the penguin-in-captivity problem too if they showed up together. (The penguin seems pretty focused and resourceful, so odds are we could sort something out with animal control.)

While I wait for them to show up, I’m going to get some ibuprofen and a smoothie. Stupid dentist.

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