Relationship Development

radio_flyer_car.jpgMy daughter, age nearly one, appears to be drawn to self-possessed men. And by “men,” I mean, “boys aged one.”

This is good news since I was concerned she would be drawn to terrorists and drug dealers, since girls gravitate to men who look like their fathers, and, let’s face, it, R.’s long hair (straight, well-kept, not diminishing), and beard (very trimmed), might not represent the most savory general category. Worse: she might be drawn to hippies.

So far though, she has selected two gentle, sandy-haired boys as her favorites. They’re both quiet but outgoing and both of them can walk, which is very attractive. (The whole “standing man” thing and so on.) One even has a car, which can be crucial. I’m glad she’s picked someone with his own transportation – that should make things easier for dating. Fortunately, it’s open-top and lacks a back seat, so there’s no danger of shenanigans.

The other boy has a rocket, which is the equivalent of a motorcycle for a toddler, don’t you think? But there isn’t room for two, so that’s not so friendly.

I don’t think she should really be exclusive with anyone at her age, but it’s nice she’s selected only slightly older boys and not the ones who dive off the sofa onto their heads.

Our nanny has gotten A. a car of her own for her upcoming birthday, so we’ll see what that does to the relationships. Maybe she’ll just drive around in the afternoons instead of heading to the local sandbox. Maybe she’ll meet someone in the suburbs. I just hope he’s not a tiny hippie. If I smell patchoulie in that car, that’s it.


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